5 Things That Would be Better With Migos Ad-libs

Migos are famous for their ad-libs. On “Bad and Boujee” alone they ad-lib more than 100 times. These one word exclamation points make a song snap by taking up any unused space, and making sure the song never hits a slow spot. The constant ad-libs on Migos tracks make me feel like I’m at a live show with a DJ trying to hype the crowd. And it’s hard not to get juiced listening to their music with Offset dropping AYYYE!‘s and GRRAH!‘s after every line. Ad-libs can turn an ordinary song into a banger, but why limit them just to music?



Floyd Mayweather gets caught with a straight GRAAA! Canelo hits somebody with a quick combo PEW-PEW-PEW! If every punch was followed by a perfectly timed AYYYE! from Quavo, boxing would be 10000% more fun to watch.

Taking Attendance

It would be so dope if every time a teacher called the student’s name they had to respond with a Migos ad-lib instead of just saying “here”. “Lindsey Robinson?” SKRRRR! “Jacob Christensen?” DAT WAY! No doubt that would boost the graduation rate.



Everybody has nodded off in church. It can be hard to stay awake sitting quietly listening to a dude tell bible stories, but yo what if he threw in some YUP!’s or a couple NAWF SIDE!’s?? “Eve partook of the fruit YAH YAH!” “Noah built an ark BOAT!”  “David killed Goliath DAB!” I’m gonna send some emails and see if I can get this going.


Bugs Bunny slaps Elmer Fudd across the face WOO WOO WOO! Tom hits Jerry with a frying pan GANG! I would for sure watch more cartoons if Offset yelled out SKRR SKRRT! whenever The Road Runner zoomed past Wiley Coyote.

Walt Whitman’s “O Captain My Captain”

QUAVO! O Captain! HEY! my Captain! CAP! our fearful trip is done; GLAH!

The ship has weather’d every rack, RACKS! the prize we sought is won; BAG! 

The port is near, WOOO! the bells I hear, BLAOW! the people all exulting, NAWF! 

While follow eyes the steady keel, DAT WAY! the vessel grim and daring: SKRRT!

But O heart! heart! heart! YEAH!

O the bleeding drops of red, DAB!

Where on the deck my Captain lies, CAP!      

Fallen cold and dead. MIGOS!        

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