The Top 15 Real Names of Hip-Hop Ranked

15. Rick Ross – William Leonard Roberts II

William Leonard Roberts is a pretty good name, but the fact that it’s got a couple II’s at the end is what lands Rick Ross on the list.

**Shout out to all the pear**

14. Waka Flocka Flame – Juaqin James Malphurs

Juaquin Malphurs is still a better rap name than Hoodie Allen.

13. Lil’ Jon – Jonathan Mortimer Smith

Aaaaaaand three of the whitest name of all time.

12/11.┬áMethod Man – Clifford Smith/

T.I. – Clifford Joseph Harris Jr

How dope is it that T.I. and Method Man are both named Clifford? I guess the M-E-T, H-O-D MAN flow sounded a little smoother than C-L-I, F-F-O-R-D MAN. But choosing one Clifford over another just didn’t seem right, so 12 and 11 is a toss up.

10. T-Pain – Faheem Rashad Najm

I wonder if when T-Pain plays basketball he calls himself Faheem Abdul-Jabbar…

9. Lupe Fiasco – Wasalu Muhammed Jaco

Wasalu…thats gotta be the waviest name I’ve ever heard. Sounds like a hot sauce from Louisiana.

8. Snoop Dogg – Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.

I mean Cordozar is a dope name, but Snoop is Snoop. I don’t think anyone has ever given themselves a more fitting name than Snoop Dogg.

7. Bobby Shmurda – Ackquille Jean Pollard

What would the Shmoney Dance be called if he was never Shmurda and stayed with Ackquille?

6. Wale – Olubowale Victor Aluntimehim

I typed Olubowale Aluntimehim into google translate and turns out it means “A little bowl of aluminum” in German.

5. Wiz Khalifa – Cameron Jibril Thomaz

Wiz lands this low on the list just for the fact that Thomaz ends with a Z like it’s a J. Cole track.

4. Future – Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn

Ya know when your listening to a Future song and you’re like, “What is this dude saying?” I always assume he’s just mumbling “Nayvadius”.

3. 2 Chainz – Tauheed Epps

Tauheed, or not Tauheed: that is the question. I wonder if when he was coming up with rap names he was like “Maybe 3 Chainz? nah thats ridiculous. 1 Chain? Wait, nah that’s just Chain…2 Chainz? Yeah 2 is just right. TRUUU”

2. Ab-Soul – Herbert Anthony Stevens VI

HERBERT?! THE SIXTH?! Why does Ab-Soul have the same name as a 14th century English nobleman?

1. Earl Sweatshirt – Thebe Neruda Kgositsile

Reading his name off the class roll is what substitute teachers have nightmares about.


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